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Refund Policy

This refund policy sets out how The Montessori School of Raleigh processes refunds if applicable.


Application Fee: Non-Refundable

 New Family Fee:  Non-Refundable

Tuition Deposit: Non-Refundable


Advance Tuition Payments are Non-Refundable unless the Tuition Refund Protection Plan has been selected and the premium is paid no later than August 1, or within the first 30 days of enrollment, whichever comes first.


The School's Tuition Refund Protection Plan provides protection from financial loss due to the unanticipated withdrawal of Student (required or voluntary) from the School or the program after August 1, or absence of more than 31 consecutive school days. The cost of this plan is 2% of the Fee and is due August 1. Participation is optional, however, failure to participate in the TRPP will result in the forfeit of all tuition and fees paid or due in the event of Student’s unanticipated early withdrawal.


Under the TRPP, if Student should withdraw, be required to withdraw, or fail to attend after August 1, a portion of the unused Fee will be refunded as follows: 100% of the unused Fee will be returned in the event of withdrawal for medical reasons as certified by a licensed physician; 65% of the unused Fee will be returned in the event of withdrawal required by the School; and 60% of the unused Fee will be returned in the event of withdrawal by Parent or Student.  Refunds will be mailed within eight weeks after a Student leaves School. The unused portion of the Fee is calculated as the Fee minus the Tuition Deposit, multiplied by the percentage of the School year remaining on a per diem basis.


Studios Fees:  Are fully refundable upon withdrawal prior to the start of the studio session, or upon cancellation of the studio offering due to low enrollment. A pro-rated refund will be issued if withdrawal occurs after the start of the Studio.


SummerScape Fees: Are fully refundable prior to May 1st, Withdrawals after May 1st are subject to a $40 fee.

Refund of camp fees as a result of withdrawal during the week of camp will be pro-rated and charged a $40 fee.