What is Floorball?

The MSR Elementary students in Physical Education (PE) are currently working on a month-long unit of Floorball.

LEII plays Floorball during PE

MSR students love this great sport that helps build teamwork and organization. Individually, children strengthen their eye/hand coordination with the use of the equipment. It provides excellent cardiovascular exercise with the constant movement and overall speed of the game.

Coach Dave Gehring and Coach Chris Keown will tell you that Floorball has been part of the PE curriculum for the past 15 years. It is the game most requested by students. The coaches feel that the lessons of skill and collaboration build coordination, confidence, team effort and stamina.

What is Floorball?

Floorball is a fun, fast-paced hockey game that is played on foot with lightweight sticks and a plastic ball sans the ice. It has its origins in the United States where it was played in physical education classes during the 1950s. However, the popularity of the sport did not take off until it was introduced to students in Sweden and Finland.

One of the absolute advantages of Floorball is that it is very easy to become a player. Anyone, regardless of age, physical condition, or gender, can grab a Floorball stick and join in the fun. It certainly has the potential to fill a niche for people who love hockey because it is played very similarly to hockey; however, Floorball does not require the skill of skating.

A fun fact about our Floorball program is that following the students’ exposure to this skill and sport in PE, some of our students have gone on to play Floorball in National competitions.