9th Years Define Their Capstone Year

9th year trip
Pondering the possibilities

Being a 9th Year at MSR means many things. It means you’ve engaged in years of projects, trips, lessons, community service activities, and sports. It means you’ve developed close relationships with both your peers and your teachers. It means you’ve developed skills related to critical thinking, communication, and organization. For many, it means you’ve spent the majority of your life at MSR. And certainly for all, it means you’re ready to take on a significant leadership role within a community about which you care deeply.


Last week, with all eyes focused on the coming months, the 9th Years travelled to Grandfather Mountain to spend time bonding with one another and to set goals and expectations for the MSR Middle School community. While there, the students spent many hours reflecting on how they can be strong leaders within this community. Among the many plans they hatched are changes to Morning Meeting, lunch and recess that encourage more focused participation during Morning Meeting and allow students more flexible use of lunch time and as much recess time as possible. The 9th Years also focused their discussions on the legacy they want to leave behind once they graduate from MSR. We’ll all have to wait and see what their final “gifts” will be to our community, but so far, this group of 9th Years is leading with a great deal of energy and positive attitudes…and already these students are leaving their mark.