Children’s House Music

Music for our Toddler and Children’s House students involves singing, movement, and exploration. During a music lesson, you will find children dancing, CH egg shakersclapping, swaying, jumping, or marching around the room with great enthusiasm.Our children are developing their voices and exploring rhythms through a variety of fun songs and activities. Not only do our children create music, but oftentimes you will find their classroom teachers and parents joining in on the fun. By making music fun, our children learn to enjoy music from an early age.

Each classroom receives a music lesson weekly from music teacher Gayle Thompson. Our students learn about music and musical traditions from around the world. Children are regularly exposed to music throughout the day, from singing during transitions to listening to a beautiful piece of classical music during work cycle. Throughout the year, we also invite professional musicians and ensembles to perform for our students. By providing a rich and varied musical environment, our children feel safe to express themselves not only during music, but also in their daily lives.

Extended Day students can also begin piano and violin studies offered after school.

For more information about this program, please contact Gayle Thompson, Toddler/Children’s House Music Director.