Lower Elementary Music

Music is an essential part of life and helps us express ourselves. At the elementary level, students are exposed to many opportunities to participate in musical activities. As part of the curriculum, students receive weekly music lessons, in large and small groups. These lessons focus on music history, music theory, performance, and proper singing technique. The tone bars, a musical instrument specific to Montessori, is used in combination with the Montessori music curriculum. Music is also integrated into the classroom curriculum to provide connections between different disciplines, such as history, math, science, and geography. FOA 14

Students are always encouraged to work on individual projects. Projects have included original compositions, performances, and research on topics specific to their classroom studies. Students also attend field trips to the greater community, such as the North Carolina Symphony and local nursing homes to perform.

Lower Elementary students can also begin piano and violin studies offered after school.

For more information, please contact Adrea Smith, Elementary Music Director.