Middle School Music

Music at the Middle School is not only challenging, but fun and rewarding for our students. Our program offers students many opportunities to create, and perform music in a variety of settings. Music offerings are based on a continuation of the lessons learned in a hands-on Montessori classroom, but are accessible to any student, regardless of their musical background.claire_guitar

The objective of our music program is to instill a lifelong love, respect, and appreciation of music in all of our students. Students take great pride in their music achievements at The Montessori School of Raleigh. Our music program prepares students for their future, by helping them think creatively about the world around them. The Middle School music program is directed by Heather Brannon.

Music Ensembles
The benefits of performing in a music ensemble not only challenges the student musically, but teaches perseverance and discipline, strengthens teamwork skills, refines time management/organizational skills, and sharpens concentration. Studying music has been shown to improve reading, writing, and mathematical ability. Aside from the many benefits of studying music, the most important is that it is fun!MS Band 201415

Each year, students have the choice to participate in:

Band (all advanced string, wind, brass, percussion)
Percussion Ensemble

All ensembles rehearse weekly during the school day. Students have several concerts during the year to present their hard work to the wider community. The strong musical foundation students develop in our program prepare them for a swift transition to High School ensembles.

Music Class
In addition to performing in an ensemble, students study in a general music class each week. Music class is not a separate study, but rather an extension of what they are learning in their other classes. The music curriculum is closely integrated into other academic studies at the Middle School.

In this course, students study a wide variety of musical topics, including advanced musical notation and theory, ear training, and the history and technology of music. Many topics are covered through project based learning, utilizing technology, analytical writing, and collaboration.

Once during the year, we offer students an opportunity to focus on a specific area of music for a week, by bringing in a renowned artist or ensemble to work closely with them. These opportunities are exciting and memorable for our students, as they work to expand their musical knowledge.

For more information, please contact Heather Brannon, Middle School Music Director.