Bean Counters: A Lesson in Community Service

At the heart of Montessori are lessons from practical life. Another major component of the curriculum is community service. And yet another piece is interdisciplinary learning. So when the 6th graders put on their annual Food Drive, the students are learning so much on many different levels.

Toddlers with cans
Community Service starts at a very early age.

A Lower Elementary student turns can collection into a math lesson on unit conversion by converting ounces into pounds to see if his classroom has hit its goal of a certain number of pounds. Children’s House students and even Toddlers help collect and sort items for the Food Drive. A group of Upper Elementary students hone their presentation skills by giving persuasive speeches to other classrooms and administration to get them to participate in the food drive. Some students use design software to create flyers to promote donations. Another group of students learn about how hunger affects so many people around the globe and how their efforts can make a big difference locally.

Upper Elementary students hard at work collecting, sorting and counting.
Upper Elementary students hard at work collecting, sorting and counting.

If you are interested in making a donation to the food drive, you can send items in to your child’s classroom or drop it off in the Watson Center. Donations will be accepted through Friday, December 9. We need nonperishable items such as canned fruit or vegetables, rice, peanut butter, baby food or formula, cereal, etc. Please no candy, soda, eggs, bread, or glass containers.

As of last count, they had 1074 lbs. with a goal of 2,000! In the end, no matter how many pounds of food are collected, the children will walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment for a collaborative project completed and a wonderful lesson learned.

The Bean Counter!

UPDATE: The Food Drive finished the week with some impressive numbers. Today’s donations came in at close to 1,000lbs. Students, faculty and administration helped load two buses with all the donations to be delivered to the Food Bank. Once there, they unloaded the items onto pallets that forklifts took to be weighed. When the gentleman working at the Food Bank called out the official total from the scale — the students cheered with excitement! The grand total was over 2,500lbs! They were very proud to have surpassed their goal of 2,000. Many thanks to all of those that helped to make this Food Drive a great success. Our community really understands the importance of giving back and that is truly Montessori!

Loading the buses.
Working at the Food Bank loading dock.
MSR weighs in at the Food Bank!