As the World Turns: The 9th Year’s Capstone Trip (Updates)

Read the latest from the world travels of our amazing Middle School’s 9th Year Capstone trip. We are getting updates almost daily and will continue to post them here, so check back soon for more information.

May 7

Dear Families and Friends,

We bring you a note from the amazing lassie Anna Murray…

“During our experience in Dublin, we have walked from one end of the city to the other. Today we visited the most famous jail known to the Irish, and it left us feeling like we want to live a crime-free life. This jail was meant to prevent people from committing crime, thus focused on treating people better than other jails did. But in the end, the jail didn’t provide better care than others. After lunch, we enjoyed the feeling of being a leprechaun while learning about the legend and the history of Irish culture. Finally our last stop was visiting St.Patrick’s Cathedral, which happens to be the largest and the central church of Ireland. We have enjoyed Ireland because of its pleasant people and homey feeling.”

More to come from London…

The Europe Leprechauns

May 5

Hello Families and Friends,

We’re here in Dublin and have already strolled up and down Grafton St. and feasted on fish and chips. So far, we’ve enjoyed the energy and friendliness of the Irish, and we’re looking forward to a day trip tomorrow to Kilkenny and Waterford. In Kilkenny, we’ll visit Kilkenny Castle and have lunch, and in Waterford, we’ll try not to break any crystal. We’ll let you know if we leave Waterford with a huge bill.

On Saturday, we’ll visit a famous jail (gaol here in Ireland) and hope that none of us are invited to stay there. We’re also considering a visit to the Guinness Brewery… as a science lesson, of course! While there, we’ll get a high-in-the-sky 360 view of the city. Also on the docket: Trinity College and a couple of famous churches. We’ll wrap things up here on Sunday with a visit to the Leprechaun Museum where all of us will feel tall and Sarah will feel giant.

Our gelato levels are dropping, but we managed to find a chocolate shop that helped us manage the sudden reduction in sugar. Now we’re on the lookout for scones.

We’re loving this trip and are learning a lot about ourselves and our world.

Slán go fóill! (Gaelic for Good-bye for now!)

The Europe Troop

May 3

Dear Families Friends,

If you’re worried that your student is not eating enough, please stop. As this rate, we all may be unrecognizable when we get back to Raleigh. We’re filling up on pasta, pizza, bread, and, of course, gelato (We’re proud that we limited ourselves to only one serving of it today).

The 9th Years on a day trip to Ostia Antica.

Now, lest you think we’re only here to eat, rest assured that we have seen more of Rome than most people might be able to see in 2 days. Today, we spent the lion’s share of our time in Vatican City. Since 1929, it’s been its own country, and while it’s small, we discovered that it’s not a great idea to try to walk its entire perimeter looking for a Metro station. We also spent a good deal of time in the Vatican Museum where our breath was literally taken away by the Sistine Chapel. It’s one thing to see pictures of it and quite another to actually stand in it. It took Michelangelo 4 years to complete it, and honestly, given the Chapel’s size and the detail and beauty in its paintings, that seems speedy.

We also spent about an hour in St. Peter’s Square trying to catch sight of the Pope. Not happening.

So far, our plans have worked, and we’ve managed to avoid truly huge crowds. Tomorrow, we’re off for a day trip to Ostia Antica, a VERY old and no-longer-used port city. We’re also hoping to visit a modern art museum and do a little shopping. And, of course, we’ll eat. 🙂


The Europe Gang

May 2

Dear Families and Friends,

Hello from gelato heaven! We arrived in Rome safely and pretty close to on time this morning (we’re 6 hours ahead of you). After literally dropping our bags at our hotel, we got sandwiches at a small “deli” and then made our way, while eating, to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum. Several hours of travel and very little sleep for the majority of us meant that we sleep walked through part of the city as we walked to dinner at a restaurant around the corner from where we’re staying. We are ashamed to report that most of us have already had gelato two times and that we’ve already identified a favorite gelato place…fortunately (or unfortunately!) right across from our hotel.

Many of you may already know that our hotel is across from the Trevi Fountain. This means that we are treated to the buzz of tourists as well as the relaxing splashing of water. These are the sounds that most of us will fall asleep to this evening.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Vatican City and are excited about seeing the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. More news to come, but know that we are grateful to be here and are having a super time.


The Europe Crew

The 9th Years leaving RDU and heading for Europe!