How We Come Together

At MSR, we know that preparing children for real life means much more than teaching them to jump through the usual academic hoops.

Sometimes it means cheering for them as they literally jump through hoops (or toss balls through them), splash onto a slip and slide, score a game-winning goal. It means coming together to carve pumpkins, gather food for the hungry, watch a student performance, or sometimes just to sit in the grass and talk about how we’re doing. We come together often to do all of the above and more.

As one parent put it: “There is a palpable sense of community and belonging at MSR… I believe it’s because our families share a common goal. We are united in our desire to raise independent children who are able to think critically, who are intrinsically motivated, and who see all that is possible in the world. We come together to celebrate the great community at MSR that makes it so.” – MSR parent and board member

And, we would add, the way we come together is part of what makes it so.