If You are Happy and You Know it

LE students perform songs on the recorder.

LE classes are currently studying North America and with music lessons integrated into their studies, third years recently began working on several patriotic songs while learning to play the recorder. They are learning to site read sheet music and play by ear.

The UE music curriculum uses prior knowledge to make higher-level connections not only in music, but to other disciplines. Connections to classroom studies are a very important part of the curriculum. UE students are currently learning the Physics of Sound, where they research how instruments work and then they build their own. UE III is currently studying South America and has formed an instrumental group that will accompany their class singing, “Oye Como Va.” UE II is studying Europe and has learned songs in French, German, and Italian. All of our UE students participate in chorus as part of their classroom studies.

Chris Becom leads middle school students in the House of Blues.

Performing music boosts confidence, instills a hard work ethic, strengthens both independence and leadership, and is simply fun! There are always opportunities for students to perform and express themselves musically at MSR! Students are encouraged to explore their musical interests by utilizing music studios, where they work on independent projects that are related to their classroom studies. Music happens all the time in the classroom communities as part of the Montessori curriculum! Students attend Music classes once a week and Elementary students have the Music Open Studio opportunity once a week. Middle school students have music for a trimester on B days. They continue to expand their knowledge through performance, composition and appreciation. Even the toddlers get to experience the joy of music with plenty of hands-on activities!

Toddlers use egg shakers and dance in a conga line.

The BAND IS GROWING BIGGER… There is also a growing after-school band studio, open to students in grades 4-9. Students explore different genres of music and learn how to play an instrument with an ensemble. Each student receives a private lesson weekly, in addition to band rehearsals.

Meet our Musical team…
Gayle Thompson is the Art and Music Teacher at the Toddler and Children’s House Levels
Heather Brannon is our Music Resource Teacher at the Elementary Level
Chris Becom is our Middle School Music Teacher