Incan Mask, Molas and Rainforest


UE III students cut out patterns to emulate Molas.

UE III is studying South America this semester. They were offered three South American workshops to choose from: Incan Masks, Molas, or rainforest animal acrylic paintings. The group in the photo chose the Mola group.
Molas are originally made by Cuna Indian women who live off the coast of Panama on the San Blas Islands. Molas are sewn fabric panels, used on clothes or as just a decorative item to sell to tourists. They are brightly colored and show animals and scenes from their life and culture.

UE III students draw designs and cut out patterns with guidance from Art Resource teacher Jessie Voci

The students used paper and x-acto knives to create pieces that were inspired by the Molas. Everyone planned their final piece by sketching their image and then cutting out the big shapes with the knife. Then they glued it on another color, cut some more, glued again, and cut some more.

Fine Art is a part of the Montessori prepared environment. Extended Day through Middle School has art lessons that celebrate art concepts and appreciation once a week. There is an Open Art Studio that is available for all Elementary students with the Art Resource teacher. Middle Schoolers have Art integrated into their Humanities course and in a variety of other ways throughout the curriculum.

Have you met our Art Resource Teachers? Gayle Thompson is the Toddler and Children’s House Art Resource and Music teacher, Jessie Voci is the Elementary Art Resource teacher and Karen Evans is the Middle School Art Resource teacher.

A proud UE III student shows off his masterpiece!