Language B

It is a requirement of the programme that students study at least one subject from group 2.

The main emphasis of the modern language courses is on the acquisition and use of language in a range of contexts and for different purposes while, at the same time, promoting an understanding of another culture through the study of its language.

Three subjects are available to accommodate students’ interest in and previous experience of language study. The first two subjects are offered in a number of languages.

Modern Languages

  • Language ab initio courses are for beginners (that is, students who have little or no previous experience of learning the language they have chosen). These courses are only available at standard level.
  • Language B courses are intended for students who have had some previous experience of learning the language. They may be studied at either higher level or standard level.

Classical languages

  • Latin or Classical Greek coursework provides opportunities for students to study the language, literature and culture of ancient Rome or Greece.

The following courses are available online:

  • Spanish ab initio
  • Spanish B SL
  • Mandarin ab initio
  • French ab initio

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