Meet the Bone Detectives

Dr. Ann Ross, Professor of Anthropology and MSR parent, donated a field trip to the Forensic Analysis and Teaching Lab at NC State for auction at the 2011 MSR Gala. A few weeks ago, the families and students that won the auction visited the lab.

Gala Auction Item: Bone Detectives
Visit the NC State University Forensic Analysis Lab, named one of the most awesome college labs by Popular Science Magazine, for two hours of fun activities! Students will learn about the science of bones and engage in the identification of different animal species through hands-on exercises with x-rays, puzzles and bones.

Dr. Ann Ross answer questions from MSR students.

Dr. Ross and some of her graduate students gave a general presentation about the human skeleton and led the kids through several exercises. In one exercise they learned to tell the differences between human and animal skeletons and bones, and in another they practiced telling the gender of a human skeleton based on certain signs.

Looks like someone found their "funny bone!"

While the students got their first taste of a lab class at a college, they also had a fun relay race to assemble two skeletons, competing in two teams along the Anthropology lab corridor. The children and parents got a tour of the Forensic Analysis Lab, a state-of-the-art functioning forensic laboratory. The tour included a look into the secure Forensics lab where they were able to see a graduate student’s thesis project determining the cause of death for women and children who lived in NC before European arrivals.

For more information on the amazing things that Dr. Ross and the rest of the folks at the NC State University Forensic Analysis Lab are doing, check out the departments’ website:

An NC State grad student leads some MSR students through an exercise.