Middle School Community Building Takes Off

As a cross-disciplinary project in true Montessori fashion, the Middle School students spent their first week of school building rockets to launch the new school year. Each year, the opening week of school at the MS focuses on setting goals and building community. This rocket project brought those two objectives together both literally and symbolically. Students worked together and individually to build their rockets, applying principles of aerodynamics, propulsion, and chemical reaction as they worked. But, in addition to the clear link to science, there was also a connection to literature. Over the summer, many of the students read October Sky by Homer Hickam, and they were able to relate their work with rockets to Homer’s experiences described in the book. In the end, the students learned to work together and took enormous pride in watching as their rockets launched high into the sky. See all the action in the video below.

Happy rockets waiting to be launched.
Let the countdown begin!