Middle School Intersession: Working on the Farm

21, 300, 15, 1800, 10…These may seem like random numbers to most people, but to the MS students who worked at Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview, NC, recently, these numbers represent a week full of labor and fun, mud and sunshine. The 10 students and their two chaperones rose early each day to complete a variety of jobs on the farm: collecting, washing, and boxing 1800 eggs for sale, moving 300 hens from one coop to another in the dark of night, oiling 15 saddles, mucking 21 stalls (twice!), rolling 10 bales of hay, and bottling several gallons of cider. The students also planned, cooked, and cleaned all of their meals, with all of the meat for the meals coming from the farm itself. Amidst all this work, the students had time to care for and ride the farm’s many horses. The focus of the trip was on family farming and how it’s different from factory farming, so to prepare for their time on the farm, the students read and discussed The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Judging from the writing the students have done since their return from the trip, they gained great insights into where their food comes from and the role that family farms play in their communities.

MSR Farm Trip group photo
Watch your step girls!
Hard work builds character
Plenty of time for group bonding
What a lovely setting
A boy and his pony
A classic pastoral setting
Giddy up or whoa Nelly?