Middle School Intersession Brings Creativity and Community

This week was Intersession at the Middle School and the students were quite busy. There was a lot of creativity going on and a lot of community building too. The students participated in cake making, board games, song writing, community service and even a trip to Charleston, SC. Here’s a little information about the cake making.

Several of the middle school students spent this week up to their elbows (sometimes literally!) in cake batter, frosting, fondant, and creativity. On the way to producing their final individual cakes, they learned how to “dirty ice” cake, create tiered cakes, color and cut fondant, and use gum paste to create intricate designs such as flowers, bows, and animals. Their themed cakes included a fishing cake, a country music cake, and a movie cake, among many others. The week ended with a community cake walk with the lucky winner taking home the Cake Boss group’s Dr. Seuss cake. Here are a few samples.

Cake making
MS students learn the art of making decorative cakes.

Here are the finished cakes!

The group project was a Dr. Suess cake.

This week also coincided with a visit from United Arts Council artist David Edgar. Mr. Edgar taught the students how to make art out of recyclable materials. Below are a few of the creations from this fun and environmentally conscious art project.

A school of recycled fish.

This fish came in with the Tide!

Here is the group that visited Charleston, SC.

Students visiting historic Charleston, SC.