Montessori Moments: Laura Longo Shares a Story of Her Son’s Triumph on the Annual BJP Trip

MSR parent Laura Longo shares a story about her son’s experience and his rite of passage on the traditional Upper Elementary community-building trip to Betsy-Jeff Penn. In the fall of each year, the Upper Elementary students take a trip to the ropes course camp called Betsy-Jeff Penn in Reidsville, NC to build community and self-confidence. Team-building exercises help younger students take their place in the group, communication skills exercises show students how to grow in their classroom roles, while the “Pamper Pole” gives the older students the chance to reach for a lofty goal as they prepare for leadership. Laura tells the story of how her son grew along with the challenges each year on the BJP trip and how, with the support of classmates and caring teachers, he was able to build self-confidence and ultimately reach his goal. Trips like Betsy-Jeff Penn allow students the opportunity to succeed by providing them with guidance and a nurturing environment. These are some of the experiences you’ll have at The Montessori School of Raleigh where we prepare students for life.

For some students it might be the first overnight camp experience, but it is a great opportunity to grow for everyone.
Getting to know the counselors.
Students working through a communication skills training exercise.
Putting those communication skills to the test. Paddle, paddle, paddle!
Being responsible, doing your part and serving your fellow students.
Beautiful scenery inspires students to appreciate nature.
Beaming with a sense of pride in accomplishing another task.
A student climbs to the zip line platform.
Mr. D gets into the act with a zip line ride of his own. Hang on Mr. D!
A student takes a moment to reflect on the day’s activities by doing some journaling.
Don’t let them tell you square dancing wasn’t fun!
Flying through the air with the greatest of ease — “The Pamper Pole.”
Laura Longo is the proud mother of three boys and believer in the Montessori method of education.