MSR Botanical Gardens

The Outdoor Classroom
Every classroom on our Lead Mine campus has its own garden plot for the students to work in. These gardens contain a variety of flowering plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits and trees. They provide a place for students to study and enjoy nature up close. The outdoor classroom is a large part of the Montessori curriculum.

Garden Day
Nature is an important part of the curriculum at MSR and a part of our culture. The entire community including staff, faculty, students and parents come together for a special event each year called Garden Day. It is a celebration of the beautiful campus and a wonderful time to spend working side-by-side in the gardens.

Greenhouse, Green Thumb
Our Middle School campus is located on 39 acres of pasture and woodland and features a working greenhouse. The students grow herbs and vegetables for use in recipes, projects and to sell. Students use the land around the Middle School in order to study many different facets of science in nature.

Eat Your Veggies
There is an elementary community garden that faculty and students grow vegetables in. The vegetables are used to study, make art projects and as ingredients in healthy recipes. There are several summer camps that incorporate the community garden. Campers learn how to tend the garden and make delicious recipes from the harvest.