Welcome to the NEW msr.org

The ALL NEW msr.org

Welcome to the all-new msr.org website! We have reworked our site in an effort to make msr.org more engaging and dynamic. We want it to be your first stop for everything MSR. Some of the new features you will notice are a search box on the front page so you can find the things you are looking for more quickly. There is a row of icons on the front page that link to social media, giving, and Veracross. The home page will feature new articles that are published on a regular basis. You will be able to read about the great things that are going on around MSR. Some of the articles you might read would cover things like school events, student projects, faculty achievements or most anything that is newsworthy for MSR.

When you dig a little deeper, you will find other site improvements. We’ve added interactive Google maps to help prospective families find us, a completely upgraded athletics section with each team getting its own page and an expanded section for all the ways you can help support MSR. It is our goal to make msr.org more interactive and up-to-date with dynamic content. Please feel free to give us your feedback and consider making us your home page!

Check out this screencast to learn more about the ALL NEW msr.org.

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