Pc101- A brown ceramic mug with a white interior and white decorative slashes.
Pc102- A small handcrafted, ceramic, light blue mug a with multi-colored polka dot interior.
Pc103- A large handmade, ceramic, light pink mug.
Ps101- A handcrafted, ceramic set of 2 bowls and 2 plates that are splattered with multi-colored dots.
Ps102- A set of a purple handcrafted plate and bowl with a yellow interior.
Pp104- A large handmade, yellow, ceramic plate with a smiley face.
Pp105- A large, orange, square plate with a black border, handcrafted by MSR students.
Pp106- A beautiful large blue square plate made by students in the pottery occupation.
Pp107- A small, ceramic, dark blue plate.
Pp101- A small dark purple plate.
Pp103- A small ceramic yellow plate with black dots forming two circles.
Pp120- A ceramic light pink plate with dark blue bordering and a quote by John Mayer that states, “Half of my heart”.
Pb102- A small, green, ceramic bowl with a twisted rope laid across the top.
Pb103- A small white bowl with light and dark blue dots and strips.
Pb104- A large white bowl with multi-colored polka dots on the inside and outside.
Pb105- A small, brown bowl with black different black designs such as music notes.
Pb106- A ceramic, small, emerald green bowl.
Pb107- A small black bowl with a red interior.
Pb108- A beautiful, red, ceramic bowl with a yellow interior.
Pb109- A large ceramic bowl with a white interior and a blue exterior.
Pb110- An extra large ceramic bowl with a lavender interior and a brown exterior.
Ppt101- A ceramic platter in the shape of a goldfish.
Pv101- A ceramic round blue vase.
Pv102- A ceramic tall brown vase with green dripping from the top.
Pv103- A ceramic black vase with wisps of white.
Pf101- A large white ceramic face jug with blue specks.
Pf102- A small ceramic pumpkin figurine with glossy black eyes.
Pf103- A large ceramic hedgehog figurine.
Pf104- A small ceramic emoji poop.
Pf105- A ceramic emoji face with heart eyes.
Pf106- A small, cute ceramic creature with resemblance to a chubby squirrel.
Pf107- A tiny ceramic red octopus with round white eyes and cute black mouth.
Pf108- A small ceramic dark blue owl figurine.