The Advisory Program at the middle school creates caring communities of learners with mutually respectful relationships. Weekly advisory meetings develop interpersonal communication skills, provides students with individual attention, and gives them the opportunity to “belong” to a group. Within their small groups, teachers encourage social and emotional growth with age-appropriate resources and group discussions. Common focuses include online safety and integrity, time management, organization, community-building, creating an inclusive community, friendship, self-advocacy, and responsibility.

Community Meeting
Community Meeting is a student-run gathering where everyone takes an active role in developing and maintaining the community at the middle school. Student managers will report on supply and earnings from our small businesses selling eggs, crafts, jewelry, honey, and concessions. The hospitality manager keeps us abreast of visitors to the school. The facilities manager updates us on the status of the physical campus.

The community service manager reports on how we are contributing to the world beyond our campus. In addition to planning upcoming events and maintaining important rituals, the Community Meeting is where proposals for how to use our Community Fund (part of our small business profits) are presented and voted on each year. This year we are using our Community Fund to support a school in Haiti. The extensive leadership, communication, and problem solving experience provided by the Community Meeting is invaluable.

Community Service
Our students are actively involved in their community. They are encouraged and supported to seek out service that ignites their passion. We currently have students serving at animal shelters, a local farm, the public library, a natural history museum, their dance studios, their horse barns, our main campus, and their own homes.

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