Our students embark on many site and field visits during the course of the year to complete project work. They might explore LEED certified buildings, tour impressive architecture, or visit a professional to learn about a chosen career.

They also take trips to learn about travel itself. Travel allows them to explore the larger world around them, learn about different people and cultures, stretch themselves, and prepare to play their parts in our global community. They learn how to plan an itinerary, budget, navigate subway and train systems, communicate with others when they don’t speak the same language, try new foods, and adapt to different environments. Whether it’s a trip to a remote island that can be accessed only by canoe or an exploration of a foreign city, our trips require students to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the world around them.

Odyssey Experience
Each year in the fall, the 7th and 8th years embark upon a community-building trip to form friendships, develop trust, and participate in physical and mental challenges. We have traveled to a variety of sites for this experience such as Nantahala, the Blue Ridge Assembly, and the Whitewater Center.

Leadership Experience
Also in the fall, the 9th years travel to Chewonki, an environmental education organization near Wiscasset, Maine. They paddle to a deserted island to camp and discuss leadership and the legacy they want to leave during their last year at the middle school.

National Trip
Each year in the spring, the 7th and 8th years take a trip to a city in the United States of historical significance. They plan an itinerary and then execute it, forming closer friendships and a deeper understanding of our national identity as they travel.

International Trip
Also in the spring, the 9th years travel abroad to Europe. They spend the entire year planning an itinerary, researching transportation, learning key phrases, and studying the travel writing genre to commemorate their experience. Finally, they put their plan into action to create an unforgettable capstone experience.