College Counseling

MSR students emerge thoroughly prepared for the all demands of a dynamic, competitive world. And it’s no wonder.

Your student has independently organized and managed her own complex academic projects, built her own solar panels, researched and reflected on the nature of knowledge and creativity, secured a real-world internship and experienced real-world workplaces, written and directed her own play, designed and launched a start-up, published a cookbook. She’s practiced revolutionary thinking, voiced insightful opinions, collaborated with others toward a common goal, exerted newfound independence beyond home and school.


The college search and application process is an integrated part of real-life learning — a major life event and a decision that challenges students to make use of all they’ve learned so far, intellectual, social, and emotional. That’s why college counseling begins in ninth grade at MSR, progressively preparing your student for application and admission to her best-fit colleges and universities.

My son went on to a very competitive college after MSR, and he’s doing incredibly well — not a single blip academically. Even though classes are bigger, he has that mentorship mindset from MSR, so he’s connecting with his professors and loving his classes. I think the only thing he didn’t expect was how much he would miss it here. –MSR parent