¿Cómo está su español?

Take a peek into our MSR Spanish program that begins at the Extended day level with “Martita” Leon and continues through the Middle School years.

Students in UEII working with Martha Rose

Your children may refer to another significant teacher in their lives as “Señora Rose” – Martha Rose who is originally from Colombia has been with MSR for almost two decades. She has thoughtfully created the roadmap for our interdisciplinary foreign language program within our great MSR Montessori School.

Senora Rose states, “Inspiring students to love learning Spanish with the desire to continue learning this language as well as other languages is always our goal!” She continues, “Exposing students to the Spanish language and culture in a fun, motivating way provides an incredible base for our global citizens.”

Spanish lessons occur within the classroom communities in small group and whole group lessons. Extended Day students take Spanish once a week. Elementary students have Spanish twice a week and Middle School with an A/B schedule have Spanish every other day. Whole group lessons incorporate songs, games, plays, movement and cultural work as related to integrated studies of Spanish-speaking countries. Parallel to the Montessori sequential lessons, the Spanish curriculum begins with Spanish greetings and vocabulary and progresses into grammar, reading, writing, and translating.