The MSR Beehive

A Hive is Born
When the Middle School decided to start a beehive project, little did they know it would be so popular. The students were very curious about these little creatures that for most of their lives were told to avoid or else feel the sting of their wrath. Now they were being asked to don a funny looking beekeeper’s suit and learn how to handle hundreds of bees without fear. As is the case with most MSR students, they learned everything they could about bees. They learned about different species, their anatomy, how they communicate, the roles bees play in the hive and then they learned about beekeeping, the proper technique for working with bees, how to harvest the honey and they took to the task full of enthusiasm. That’s the way we do it at MSR.

Miners Gold
Not only were students able to learn an amazing amount of science by observing firsthand the culture of an actual working beehive, geometry by examining the engineering genius of the honeycomb and the symbiotic relationship between insects and plants with the collection of pollen, they also reaped the rewards of a new business venture by harvesting the honey and selling it as Miners Gold. Yum! The photo shows the uncapping of a honeycomb revealing the delicious honey inside.

Swarmtimes You Win, Swarmtimes You Lose
The bees provided another lesson for our students to learn this past year. Our hive swarmed. Swarming is when a large number of bees leave the hive and don’t return. There are several reasons why a hive might swarm. It could be overcrowded in the hive, a queen that isn’t reproducing enough eggs or some other environmental condition. Whatever the reason, our students are learning lessons in science as well as business.

Bee a Honey, Run for Money
What do you do when your hive hits the road? You have to purchase more bees, so we thought it would be a good idea to invite our community to participate in a FUN RUN to raise money to re-swarm the hive. It is our goal to get the honey flowing again by next spring.